Heathfield, East Sussex, UK

About Us

Community first responders

What we do:

Responders are volunteer members of the community, trained by the Ambulance Service, to respond to emergency calls through the 999 system, in conjunction with the Ambulance Service. Responders provide immediate care to patients in their area and are mobilised to 999 calls by Ambulance Control. Responders are a part of, and live in, their local community. They serve an area of approximately 3 mile radius of their base, which could be their home or place of work. They can therefore attend the scene of a medical emergency in a very short time, often arriving within a few minutes of the call and frequently whilst the caller is still on the phone. They are trained to provide Emergency Life Support and to treat patients suffering from a range of conditions.

Why do we need Community Responders?

With the best will in the world the ambulance service cannot have ambulance crews on every street corner. When you dial 999 you may be lucky and have a crew within a few minutes drive away. Community First Responders will normally attend calls close to their home or workplace so should arrive very quickly and bridge any time delay in help arriving. The responder will always be backed up by an ambulance.

How does the scheme work?

When you dial 999 you will firstly be asked for the address of the emergency. Whilst you are being asked further information The Despatchers will be looking for the nearest available resources and will be mobilising those resources that are required. One of those resources may well be a Community First Responder who will be alerted via their mobile phone. All this happens within seconds so that help can arrive as quickly as possible.